ATLAS 6 Semi-Hollow


Inspired by the classic,
influenced by the modern

The ATLAS model is an original design that puts playability, style, and tone at the forefront of its purpose.

Comfort: Featuring a narrower waist and smaller upper bout than more traditional body shapes.

Ergonomics: A generous lower bout curve allowing the player to play seated, in classical position or propped up on one leg while standing for those epic live poses.

Playability: A shallow neck recess and scoop to allow for ease of upper access to all 24 frets.

Pictured: ATLAS 6 Standard, ATLAS 6 Semi-Hollow, ATLAS 6 Headless, and ATLAS 6 Electro-Acoustic

Atlas 6 Standard - Burl Prototype #1 Atlas 6 Semi-Hollow - Royal Atlas 6 Standard - Myrtle Atlas 6 Headless - Burl Prototype #1 Atlas 6 Headless - Black Prototype Atlas 6 Headless - Walnut Atlas 6 Electro-Acoustic